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We empower merchants with merchant account options that allow them to accept all forms of non-cash transactions.

No matter what and how your business operates, we have the right service to capture your desired customer. Elite Bankcard will help your business compete as a fraction of the cost. Don’t be left out, Call today!

Funding Solutions for Small Businesses is our business. We specialize is offering retail, restaurant and service businesses a unique funding solution. We will purchase a percentage of your future credit card sales and cash advance those funds up front for working capital or what you desire. Elite Bankcard is investing in the growth of your business.

1achcheckcashingACH Check Processing and Check 21 solutions. Our user-friendly, easy to integrate electronic check acceptance tools allow merchants to tap into the large market of consumers who still prefer to pay by check. Businesses that accept payment by check run the risk of receiving returned checks due to NSF. A merchant can protect against such losses with our Electronic Check Conversion program and free Check Recovery System.

Visa & MasterCard have changed the rules for Quick Payment Service (QPS) for restaurants. If you accept 51% or more of your transactions over the counter, you qualify for QPS. This means, Lower interchange rates, No Chargeback’s, No Signature and no need to provide your customers with a receipt.

15-ways-to-access-extra-capital-small-businessMany consumers now have only Debit/Check Card in their possession. This means that debit payments are rapidly gaining popularity with consumers who prefer the payment option to credit. And merchants who would like to increase their patronage with this convenient form of payment can now do so. Find out how simple and secure debit payments are.

The government’s use of Electronic Benefit Transfer is greatly increasing as evidenced by nearly 85% of food stamp benefits currently being issued by EBT. Elite Bankcard Solutions makes offering EBT services, and using them, as simple as our other products.

With Electronic Check Conversion & Check Guarantee, you can deposit your checks like credit cards. No more filling out deposit slips and bad check claims. No more bank lines. Electronically deposit all your checks directly into your bank with a guarantee against NSF, account closed & fraud. All funds are GUARANTEED!


Elite Bankcard‘s Solutions now supports most available Shopping Cart software so it integrates easily with most e-commerce solutions. Several of our payment gateways include free shopping cart software.

The added Value of a Gift Card and Loyalty Card program will increase your sales. Accepting Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards create customer Loyalty, this allows you to compete with the super stores, stop employee theft in its tracks and streamlines your current paper gift certificate process.

E-commerce has been booming with new online businesses cropping up every day. To protect against the risks involved in online payments, Elite Bankcard offers online services that delivers the latest in credit card processing technology, PCI security and flexibility with E-Commerce and Virtual Terminals.

Business-to-Business & Government Today, more and more businesses and government agencies are paying their suppliers by credit cards. Simple, accept credits cards, no waiting 90-180 days to get paid. Get paid faster.

SElite Bankcard offers a complete Automated Teller Machine (ATM) program that includes Placement, Sales and Service. Make money from day one. We offer three placement programs to choose from.

Elite Bankcard offers a fully integrated, online registration, donation collection and marketing system. Our On-line Registration and Payment Gateway provides the ability to manage all your events, memberships, donations promotions & payment from one single web site.

Elite Bankcard offers a online payroll services to make your small business payroll easy. You can do payroll online in minutes. Our built-in payroll calculator instantly creates your paychecks. Do paycheck printing on your own printer, directly from our website. Or use our free direct deposit, a popular choice for online payroll.

There are many merchant account options and credit card processing options. You can call our sales group toll free at (310) 699-5889 for more information.


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